40% of women will have a complex gynecologic condition in their lifetime.

These gynecologic conditions can lead to pain, both physical and mental, and diminish the quality of life for these women and their loved ones. Many find it difficult to talk about their pain and accept it as something they must live with.

Those looking for help have the difficult task of finding a doctor knowledgeable and trained in conditions such as spasmed pelvic floor muscles, pinched pelvic nerves, dermatologic issues, painful intercourse.

Currently there are a handful of doctors in the United States helping patients with these complex gynecologic conditions.

The final hurdle in receiving care is that American health insurance companies pay doctors more for four-15 minute patient appointments than they do for a single one hour visit.

But it takes longer than 15 minutes to diagnose a complex gynecologic issue. So patients do not receive the help they need and the doctors who can help either can’t afford to or provide care that is not covered by insurance.

That’s why the few people who find help have seen 10 (or more) doctors before they finally speak with someone who correctly diagnoses and treats their pain.

Sadly, most do not.

But there is help, and hope, through the AZIZA Project

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