Returning to Tulsa!

We’ve been sharing the journey that our founder, Stephanie, has been on. She’s been looking for answers for more than a decade, but she’s made more progress toward answers in the last 16 months than in the previous 10 years combined, thanks to Dr. Corey Babb! She’s seen him for nerve blocks, pelvic floor Botox, multiple virtual appointments, and now she’s returning to Tulsa for a biopsy!

Sounds scary, right? But it shouldn’t be a big deal. Stephanie has heard from his staff and previous patients that Dr. Babb is the *best* at biopsies, so it was an easy choice! Gynecologic pain can be a heavy topic, so we hope you’ll smile with Stephanie as we relate the conversation she had with her husband, and with Emily, the CEO of Dr. Babb’s clinic on Thursday.

Stephanie has suspected for awhile she’s been heading toward a biopsy, but hasn’t been brave enough to “just ask!”, like she’d recommend to other sufferers. When she finally found relieve in an OTC cream earlier this week, she told her husband that “If Dr. Babb says I need a biopsy, we’re going back to Tulsa.” When Stephanie called Haven Center to report her discovery, sure enough, Dr. Babb said,”Time for a biopsy”. Dr. Babb’s CEO, Emily, explained that Stephanie could find someone local to do a biopsy, or Stephanie could return to Tulsa. Stephanie just laughed, said,”I’ve already been looking at flights in April, let’s book it!”, and that was that. Stephanie and her husband will be returning to Tulsa in about a month for a biopsy. Curious about why Stephanie loves Dr. Babb’s clinic so much and why it was such an easy decision? Check out a Haven Center tour here.

We think it’s fair to say that Stephanie, her husband, Dr. Babb, and Emily are all looking forward to getting the results from the biopsy and hoping it gives us all the answers we’ve been working so hard to find. And in honor of getting the “band” back together… here’s a picture of the four of them from Stephanie’s October 2023 trip to Tulsa.

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