Thank You!

Thank You! That’s the message Jennifer wanted to send to our donors after her appointment with Dr. Corey Babb in Tulsa in June. She shares:

“After five years of living with pelvic pain, I can say that I feel the closest to getting the answers that I need thanks to The Aziza Project and Haven Center. Living with pelvic pain can feel isolating, frustrating, and stressful. Accessing quality care is also very expensive. Stepping into Dr. Babb’s office I instantly felt welcomed. Haven Center is unlike any medical clinic I have ever visited. It is evident that Dr. Babb and his team thought of all the details to make patients feel comfortable from the moment they step through the door. The exam itself was the most thorough and comfortable pelvic exam I have received. The exam chair is reclining and adjustable which allowed me to feel more at ease. I was able to see exactly what Doctor Babb was examining via a camera. I learned new information about my body that other doctors failed to mention or overlooked. Doctors’ visits usually leave me feeling frustrated with more questions that answers; but for once I feel hopeful. My hope is that The Aziza Project can support more people in accessing quality care!”

As Jennifer mentioned, providing this level & quality of care is expensive. To help us continue our mission of providing funding for treatment of complex gynecologic pain, please make a donation today!

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