Jennifer’s Story Begins

Jennifer’s story begins in 2019, when she started having unexplained symptoms. As a healthy 28 year old, Jennifer enjoyed life. She delighted in intimacy and exploration without constant worry about pain or discomfort. That all changed when burning sensations started occurring during intercourse, after bowel movements, from tight clothing, or prolonged sitting. Lower back pain soon joined the array of symptoms.

As her issues persisted and intensified, impacting her daily life, Jennifer felt brushed off by doctors. They continued to give her antibiotics for infections she didn’t have. One doctor even told her “that’s weird” when she shared about the pain with bowel movements, but never offered a solution. Jennifer became obsessed with whether or not she had infections – constantly checking her PH with strips recommended by a doctor after her second case of BV. She’s seen multiple gynecologists, a naturopath, functional nutritionist, holistic pelvic physical therapists, and conventional physical therapists on her journey to wellness. She was doing everything in her power to find answers. And yet she suffered low self-esteem as every outfit and activity required careful consideration to avoid flare-ups. The pleasure she once took in her body turned to frustration, grief and sadness.

Finances proved the biggest obstacle to getting answers. Jennifer saw numerous doctors over the years, facing invalidating comments, medical gaslighting, and useless medication rather than a clear diagnosis. Finally in 2021, someone labeled it “vulvodynia” – but that still felt inadequate, not a true explanation.  

Now 33, Jennifer refuses to give up despite her struggles. She has an appointment to see Dr. Babb in Tulsa, Oklahoma thanks to our generous donors, with the hope of finally gaining insight into her condition and finding lasting relief from her persistent symptoms. The journey has been long, but we’re hopeful that this time, she’ll get some real answers.

Your donations help women access quality medical care to find answers they’ve been looking for – sometimes for years. The AZIZA Project is dedicated to supporting women on their journey to wellness when they have been brushed off by doctors, faced invalidating comments, medical gaslighting, and inadequate diagnoses.

However, we can’t provide this invaluable support without your help. $25 per month for a year covers one virtual consultation for a client, and just $10 per month pays for our webhosting so more clients can find us. Every contribution brings us closer to making a profound difference in these women’s lives by helping them regain their health and quality of life. Please consider donating today and joining our mission. Your generosity can change lives by giving women the answers and care they deserve.

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